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History of Asian Games


Asian Games are held every four years and count takes from the first Games held in New Delhi in 1951. Direction and control of Asian Games is performed by the Olympic Council of Asia. Asian Games, emblem of Games, flag, motto and anthem are the property of the Council. Games last at least 12 days and maximum 16 days including Opening and closing ceremonies.

Winter Asian Games can not take place the same year as summer games.

History of Asian Olympic Movement and rushing development of winter sport on the continent provide evidence that the games have stepped over the border of sport value and found the increased social and political resonance.

It shall adequately be noted that Asian countries rank the Asian games together with Olympic Games. From our point of view in its present period of steady progressive promotion Kazakhstan has all prerequisites to joint the ranks of the largest continental powers capable of organizing and holding properly such significant event as Winter Asian Games. They will promote broad involvement of employable population in construction of facilities, improvement of urban infrastructure, promotion of healthy lifestyle among the people, activization of administration institution activity, involvement of population, particularly student-age people in wide communication with guests.


Preparation and execution of the large-scale event in Almaty city will demonstrate once again leading positions of Kazakhstan in various areas of human activity, it will become a clear proof of multidimensionality of achievements of our country, integrated and universal nature of onward movement to the heights of global development.